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Know How AOL Save All Attachments Safely On Mac Desktop

Published By Chirag Arora
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Published On December 27th, 2023
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The objective of writing this article is to explain to users the process for AOL save all attachments. Along with that, the advantages of saving the emails will also be explained here.

Some users have been facing certain issues finding their attachments in their mailbox due to all the other emails that they keep getting.

The method to download attachments is easy as will be given here but there are certain limitations to it. Apart from that, there is another expert solution that can be used without any trouble to perform the AOL download all attachments process.

AOL is America Online Mail which is a web-based service designed & developed in America. Nowadays, AOL is being used all over the world and offers a free storage space of 250 GB.

The user’s traffic increased over the years because AOL provides various amazing facilities. However, it also has certain problems such as not being able to open the application, email attachments, and various other issues.

Thus, you will find different methods to download all your attachments so that you have access to them anytime you want.

How to Perform the Process for AOL Save All Attachments?

There are two methods that we will be making use of today. The first one is the manual method which can be performed directly from the mailbox.

The second solution is the Mac AOL Backup Tool which can easily perform the process for you in bulk without any loss. You can not just get the attachments but download AOL emails to computer on Mac OS without data loss. Moreover, it is the best tool if you’re unable to add AOL account to Apple Mail to do this procedure in just a few minutes.

By using the manual method, you will have to download your attachments one by one from every email. If there are a few attachments in a single email, you can perform AOL download all attachments process at once in a .zip format.

But you will have to go through the same steps over and over again for every email you have to save the attachments from.

Let’s check out the first method.

Manual Method to Download All the Attachments from AOL

Remember: This method is only suitable if you have a few emails you need to download attachments from (say below 10). After that, it becomes a lengthy process and takes a lot of time.

Follow the given steps for AOL save all attachments process:

  • Step 1: Log in to your AOL mail account.
  • Step 2: Open the email which you want to save the attachment from.
  • Step 3: Click on the attachment to open it.
  • Step 4: Press the downward arrow to save the email.

You can perform this for only one attachment at a time. It is not a feasible solution for those who have the requirement to download all of their attachments.

So, to overcome these barriers, you can go for the software as discussed below.

Useful Software for AOL Download All Attachments

The backup tool allows you to download all the emails along with their attachments as per your requirement to your desired location. It is quite efficient if in case AOL emails not working on Mac machine of any version, using this software you can get all the required data.

You will be able to save your attachments in PDF format where you can mark the Save attachments to disk option. This will download the data from all folders i.e. Inbox, Sent Items, Trash, etc.

Moreover, you can easily have your attachments saved as per a certain period. Meaning, you can apply filters and select the dates to set a duration from which the data will be exported.

Steps for the Process of AOL Save All Attachments

Follow the instructions given below for a successful procedure:

  • 1. Install the tool and give in the information for your AOL account to log in.aol save all attachments
  • 2. Go to the Select E-mail Format section and choose PDF. Mark the Save Attachments on Disk option and Browse for a destination path.choose pdf to get attachments
  • 3. Use the Delete after Download option to regain server space by confirming to delete data after exporting it.aol save all attachments
  • 4. For performing this process AOL download all attachments selectively, clicks on the Apply Filter tab and sets the pages settings as per the requirementsettings for attachments
  • 5. In this step, choose the location to save it on a Mac machine to get all the attachmentssave the file
  • 6. After doing this, now, complete the operation by clicking on the Start Backup button.aol save all attachments
  • With the help of the features provided here, you will be able to download your data effectively. If you want to save any attachments received after the first process, you can do so without any duplicity issues.

For that, use the Incremental Backup feature and rescan your mailbox for these attachments. The metadata is kept intact after you perform the AOL save all attachments procedure.

Let’s take a look at the reasons for saving these attachments locally.

What Are the Reasons to Export Attachments on Local Devices?

Even though AOL provides various great features, there is always one thing or the other that makes you download the attachments like:

  1. Not being able to open emails due to bad internet connectivity.
  2. Data is prone to loss and corruption issues.
  3. To work on attachments for a presentation.
  4. Have a backup of the data as a safety measure.

In a Nutshell

The process for AOL saves all attachments, it is important you know which method makes it quick and simple. Since there are no manual methods that can perform this task for you in bulk, we have the best alternative set for you.

With the help of the tool described here, you can go through the process of downloading your attachments without fail. It works on both Windows and Mac OS and provides multiple formats.

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