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How to Convert MBOX to MHT & MHTML – Updated with Best Method

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Published On May 14th, 2024
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Summary: If you’re looking for a solution for converting MBOX file to MHT file, then this blog will help you out. Here, we will be going to describe about the perfect recommended by experts solution. For doing the conversion, we have come up with the best MBOX to MHT converter for Mac based computers.

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An MHT file is nothing more than a webpage archive created by web browsers like Internet Explorer. It is saved in MHTML or MIME HTML format that ends with .mht / .mhtml extension. This page contains resources like images, animations, audio, etc. But, what if a user wishes to save his/her email messages in MHTML format?

We are addressing one such scenario in this article where we will focus on MBOX to MHT conversion. Emails are part and parcel of numerous professional lives. And, there is no end to queries revolving around the conversion of emails to other file formats.

Here, we will focus on converting MBOX to MHT files in bulk using a trusted application.

Note: There are no native solutions for this. You either need to use an online tool (which is risky and can affect your data) or go for an on-premise solution.

Best Way to Convert MBOX to MHT Files

If you only need to convert one MBOX file storing email messages of fewer than 100, then some online tool will be able to help you. But, if your requirement exceeds this quota, then it’s best to download an efficient conversion tool from a trusted brand.

The best MBOX File Converter for Mac is also capable of bulk exporting MBOX to MHT files. It perfectly fits the role of an on-premise solution that can give you MHTML files without any hassle.

It has been tested to run on Mac OS versions and all the above versions. Moreover, it provides you multiple formats to convert into, like, PST, PDF, CSV, MSG, TXT, EML, HTML and more. The best thing about this software is it doesn’t affect any of the data while conversion. So, your entire data integrity would be same as prior to the conversion. Hence, it is a best to view MBOX file in MS Outlook on Mac OS if converted into PST format.

Keep in mind that MHT files are incapable of holding attachments. That’s why the software exports all the attachments in separate folders along with MHT files.

Step-by-Step Process to Save MBOX Files to MHT / MHTML

Download the software and install MBOX to MHT Converter on your Mac machine.

  • Run the tool and click on Add File to add the MBOX file into the software.
  • Once the files are added, click the Next button for MBOX to MHT conversion.
  • Scroll down to select MHT in the Export type window.
  • Click Advance Settings button and apply settings such as naming convention and date-range filters.
  • After applying required settings, choose the destination location where you want to save the converted MHT files.
  • Finally, click the Export button to start the MBOX to MHT conversion.
  • The software will start the process and present a confirmation window once it’s complete.
  • Click on the View Report button to open the location where you have stored your MHT files.
  • You can open the MHTML files to check their contents.

Reasons to Use MBOX to MHT Converter

The reasons involve the benefits that the MHT format provides as well as the benefits that come with using professional software. Some of the common ones to convert MBOX to MHT format using this software are:

  • MHT (MIME HTML) files are essentially web page archives, which can be easily opened and viewed in most web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. This makes accessing and sharing emails more convenient.
  • MHT files store the entire email message, including HTML formatting, inline images, and other media, in a single file. This is in contrast to MBOX, which is a mailbox format that can contain multiple emails.
  • Since MHT files are supported by common web browsers, they are easier to share with others who may not have the same email client. This is particularly useful in a professional setting where email content needs to be shared with a broader audience.
  • MHT files preserve the original formatting of the email, including HTML content and inline images. This is important for maintaining the integrity and visual layout of the email content.
  • MHT files can be easily printed from a web browser. It makes it convenient to produce hard copies of emails when necessary.
  • MHT files can be accessed across different operating systems and platforms. It enhances their usability compared to the more limited MBOX format.
  • A reliable converter tool to ensure that the conversion process preserves the integrity of the email data.

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Concluding Lines

Conversion from one mailbox format to another is not an easy task. Any errors in the process can lead to the corruption of all the underlying emails. Therefore, it is best to opt for an expert-recommended trusted solution to convert mailbox files.

We introduced one such solution that helps in converting MBOX to MHT files without any hassle. It is the go-to product for Mac users who wish to move all their MBOX data in MHTML file format. With this on-premise MBOX to MHT converter tool, you can prevent any data theft that normally occurs on online platforms.

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