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How to Perform Kerio Mail Backup from Kerio Connect Webmail Server? – Solved

Published By Chirag Arora
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On November 17th, 2023
Reading Time 8 Minutes Reading

Want to secure email messages on Kerio Connect webmail from cyber threats?  Taking Kerio Mail backup and saving a copy of your sensitive emails would be the best choice. Discover the easiest solution for the Kerio Connect Backup on your local Mac computer from the server. In this article, we will provide you with the best and most trustworthy solution to address the backup process.

Backup is an important task that anyone can perform to protect any crucial information. When it comes to archive emails from the Kerio mail server, it is mostly due to switching email platforms or a lack of high-end security for Kerio email.

Usually, most users don’t like to empty their mailboxes by removing old or unnecessary emails. And, many users don’t prefer to manage the data properly in the Kerio server mailbox. Therefore, mismanagement or data could arise in such situations. Hence, to avoid these scenarios, it is better to have a backup, so that, in the future, if any problem arises then the backup of Kerio Connect emails will help.

Table of Content

    1. Brief About Kerio Connect Server
    2. Best Proven Solution for Kerio Mail Backup
    3. Key Features of this Mac Software
    4. Easy Steps to Perform Kerio Mail Backup on Mac
    5. FAQs
    6. Conclusion

Brief About Kerio Connect Server

Before explaining the Kerio mail backup process, let’s talk about Kerio Connect. This webmail platform is designed to provide a comprehensive email and communication solution for small or medium organizations. It even offers multiple services, like Kerio Cloud or email Hosting. So, the user can simply use this software to host the company’s email account online.

Now, let’s have a look at a user query highlighting the issue he was facing related to  Kerio mail backup.

User Query: Hi there, I am a Mac user and using Kerio Connect as my webmail for a long time. Recently, I thought of creating a Gmail account and using this from now on. But, at the same time, I want to save my emails present in the Kerio. I tried my best to search for solutions for backup but couldn’t find any. If anyone knows any relevant solution then please share. Thanks in advance!

Perform Kerio Mail Backup using Best Proven Solution

As a matter of fact, the Kerio Connect server doesn’t provide any manual options to backup emails of the hosted Kerio mail account. Therefore, it is better to turn to a professional solution like Mac IMAP Backup Software. This is one of the best solutions that can easily help you take Kerio Connect backup of all the emails from Kerio server on any version of the Mac machine.

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Moreover, you can try this software for free before going with the licensed version of it. In case, you want to perform Kerio mail backup and want to save them in different file formats. Then, there are multiple formats available that you can opt for and take out your data.

It even provides other different features options that you can apply as per the requirement during Kerio mail server backup process. This software will easily backup the entire Kerio mailbox with its easy-to-use GUI interface.

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Key Features of The Kerio Connect Mail Backup Tool


This Mac-based backup tool for Kerio email provides multiple features, such as

  1. Different Export Options: When you start using this tool, you will get to know that it provides different export types. So, you can just go for the one that is your requirements. As this tool includes PDF, MSG, HTML, TXT, MBOX, EML, & EMLX, and other formats. Hence, it becomes easy for Kerio mail backup without changing any email data attributes.
  2. Date-Filter Option: In this software, you can set a date range if you just need to backup some specific emails from the Kerio server. However, to use this date filter option, you need to set a date “From” and “To” in the required fields. This tool is even capable enough to convert eM Client to Thunderbird application easily.
  3. Full Support of All Mac OSEvery user can operate this smart and professional Kerio mail server backup wizard on their local Mac computer. Because this software is fully compatible with all the Mac operating systems. That means it is quite easy to run and work with this tool on Mac OS 12.0, Mac OS 11.0, Mac 10.8, and all the below versions.
  4. Keeps Folder Hierarchy and Metadata: Moreover, while using this utility for Kerio mail backup there will be no risk of modification in the Kerio mail folder hierarchy. The entire metadata and Kerio folder structure will remain the same as before the backing up process.
  5. Safe Backup to Computer: With the help of this tool it is too easy to choose the location on the Mac device to save the output file. You can even plan to transfer eM Client to Outlook PST file on Mac.
  6. Delete after Download: When it comes to freeing up space, the advanced algorithms of this tool become helpful. As there is an option that allows you to delete all the backed-up emails from the Kerio hosted server. All you have to do is check the Delete After Download option and this tool will automatically remove all the emails after taking backup.
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Easy Steps for Kerio Mail Backup on Mac

To understand this software, first, download the Kerio Connect Backup Tool on your Mac machine, and follow the steps given below-

  • In the initial screen of this application, just add the IMAP Host Name by choosing the Other option if you don’t get a Kerio mail option. Then, enter Kerio Server User Name and Password to fill in the required details


  • From the next screen, you can choose any file format as per your need for hosted Kerio mail server backup.


  • In this step, you can choose the Advance Settings before initiating the backup process


  • After this, locate the location to save the output file on the Mac computer, by tapping Change icon


  • Now, in the last step, click the Start Backup icon to begin the Kerio Connect backup process of your hosted Kerio mailbox on your local Mac computer.

kerio mail backup

User Review – 1: I used the Kerio webmail backup tool to backup a large number of emails and simultaneously delete them from the server. I was surprised to see that with the Delete After Download option, I was able to free up space in my mailbox. I’ll definitely recommend this backup wizard to all~ George, WI.
User Review – 2: I was searching for a solution to backup my emails from Kerio Connect webmail. Since I am a Mac user I was struggling to find a reliable solution. Thankfully, one of my friends suggested this Kerio Connect Webmail backup tool using which I backed up all my emails. After using the tool, I got to know that the tool has a free Demo version that can backup 100 emails. But, I used the full version since I had around 1200 emails to download. I must say the tool was very smooth and accurate~ Henry, US.


Q. How can I quickly take Kerio mail backup?

Step 1. Download the above-mentioned tool and login.

Step 2. Select the file format for the backup.

Step 3. Apply advanced filter if you want a selective Kerio backup.

Step 4. Choose/Change the destination path where you want to save your emails.

Step 5. Lastly, start the backup process.

Q. How often should I take backup of Kerio Connect emails?

As per user requirement, one should take a backup. But, from a security point of view,  it’s important to take Kerio mail backup regularly.

Q. Can I delete emails from server after taking the backup?

Yes, deleting emails from the server after taking a backup is possible. However, it depends on the email service and backup method. Some services allow you to configure settings to retain or delete emails after backup, ensuring you have a local copy while freeing up server space.

Q. Where can I find my backed up emails?

If you have used the above-mentioned method then your emails will be saved in the location you chose at the time of backup.


In this article, if you have any requirement to backup specific emails from the hosted Kerio mailbox, then we have provided the best solution. The mentioned Kerio Connect Backup Software will help you with Kerio mail backup to your Mac computer. As this automated solution can easily create a backup for all the emails together that too without any Kerio mailbox data loss.