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How to Import EML to Outlook 2016 for Mac in an Efficient Manner

Kayla Johnson | Modified: 2021-03-09T11:50:15+00:00
Import EML to Outlook for MAC

User Query: I was using Thunderbird on my Windows operating system. while switching from Windows to Mac sierra 10.12, I took a backup of a few important emails as .eml in a folder. Now, In my Mac machine I am using Outlook 2016 for emailing and want to open those files in my Mac Outlook 2016. But I can’t find any option to import EML to Outlook 2016 Mac. Any option to open the files in Outlook for Mac would be appreciated.

How to Import EML to Outlook 2016 Mac

If you have created a backup of your emails as a .eml file, you can not import them into Mac Outlook 2016 using the Import-Export wizard, but it is still possible.

Unlike email backups, which are available as “.msg” files in Windows Outlook, emails in the Mac Outlook are available in .eml format. They can simply be dragged into the desired email folder (for example, the inbox) in order to import them.

Follow the Steps to Import EML to Outlook 2016 Mac

  • Go the folder on which all the .eml files you have stored
  • Select a specific .eml file and right click on it >> Open with >> Microsoft Outlook
  • Now select the Move option and click on drop-down arrow to move the file into a specific folder
  • The file has been moved successfully, now go and check for that email on Mac Outlook 2016

Alternate Option to Import EML Files to Outlook 2016 for Mac

By Transferring EML files data to Outlook Supported File: There is another approach for importing EML file i.e. third party Mac EML Converter software which allows you to export all files in one Outlook accessible file (.pst) and then one can easily import the resultant file to Mac Outlook 2016.

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Steps to Export EML Files to Outlook File Format

  1. Launch the software on your Mac machine.best free
  2. Now, click on the “Add Folder(s)” button to load the files into the software.free solution
  3. After successfully adding the folder, it will be shown as below. click on Next.manually import
  4. Now select the output file format as PST and select the date range using the date filter.import eml files to outlook mac
  5. Click on Browse button to provide destination folder location.
  6. The destination path will be shown as follows, then click on Export.free manually
  7. The .eml file successfully converted into Outlook supported file format.import eml to outlook mac manually
  8. Now the available resultant file can easily be imported to Mac Outlook.export manually

Follow the Below Steps to Import Resultant File to Mac outlook

  • Transfer the Outlook file to your Mac
  • Open Outlook to import EML to Outlook 2016 Mac and go to the menu bar as in the File >> Import
  • Activate the button Outlook data file and click on the arrow on the bottom right
  • Now you have to select Outlook for Windows data file and click on the right arrow again
  • Search for the file on your Mac, select it and click Import
  • After the import process is completed (this may take several minutes), press “Done


In Mac outlook 2016, there is no direct option for Importing EML files. However there are some manual and alternate options available, that will help you to import EML to Outlook 2016 Mac. the manual option is bit time-consuming in managing the .eml files and then drag and drop them to Mac Outlook 2016. for the best result and fast access to the data on Mac Outlook, one can go with the third party solution mention in the article.


Q. Can I use this software for bulk conversion as well?

A. Yes, the software has an Add Folder option to carry out the conversion process in bulk.

Q. Can I use the resultant file in Windows Outlook?

A. Yes, the resultant file can be used in both Windows as well as Mac Outlook.