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How to Transfer Emails from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook?

Jaspreet Singh | Modified: 2021-06-21T01:47:33+00:00

Summary- Email migration from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook is not that much complicated if you choose the right path to do it. Yep if you want to transfer emails from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook and you are stuck in the procedure, then this blog going to resolve your issue of migration. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the best way to export Mac Outlook data to Windows Outlook. So, stay with us till the last!

Well, we know that Microsoft Outlook is available for Mac and Windows so it widely used by both users. But when the users want to open Mac Outlook emails in Windows Outlook, then it not possible because of the file format.

Basically, both Outlook supports different file formats to store its data. Mac Outlook stores its data in OLM format and Windows Outlook stores its data in PST file format. Now, due to the huddle of file formats users not able to complete this task.

Why do Users want to Transfer Emails from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook?

There are multiple reasons that force Mac Outlook users to import their data from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook and some of them mentioned below:

  • Not everyone using Mac Outlook and if users need to share their Mac Outlook emails with their co-workers who are using Windows systems, then this need arises.
  • There are no direct ways to open Outlook for Mac emails in Windows Outlook.
  • If users upgrading or switching the system or OS environment from Mac to Windows, then the need arises.
  • Some many users using Windows and Mac systems at different locations.

How to Transfer Emails from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook?

In order to complete this task, there are two methods and in this section, we are going to discuss both of them:

Let start with the free manual method!

Transfer Emails From Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook Via Gmail

This whole manual method has four steps in the first step we export OLM files from Mac Outlook and in the second step we add a Gmail account in Mac Outlook. In the third step, we move OLM files to a Gmail account. And in the last step, we add the same Gmail account to Windows Outlook. So be careful while implementing the steps.

Step 1: Export OLM Files From Mac Outlook

1. Open Outlook in your Mac machine and from the Tools tab click Export

2. From Export to Archive File (.olm) window, choose items you want to export >> Continue.

3. Now, specify the name of the file and location where you want to save it

4. Once the export process is done, click Finish

Step 2: Add Gmail Account to Mac Outlook

Note: Make sure that the IMAP setting is enabled in your Gmail account

1. Again open Mac Outlook and, click on the Preferences option

2. From the Preferences window, choose the Accounts option under Personal Settings

3. Now, click the plus (+) sign from the lower-left corner

4. Select E-mail from the drop-down menu

5. Now, enter your Gmail account information, and click Add Account

Step 3: Move the OLM Files to Gmail

1. Check out for Gmail account and right-click the newly added Gmail, and select New Folder.

2. Enter the folder name and then click File >> Import.

3. Now, right-click the items from the selected folder, and choose Move >> Choose Folder

4. After that find the Gmail folder and click on the Copy option

5. After a few minutes all your OLM file data will get added to the new Gmail folder

Step 4: Add Same Gmail Account to Windows Outlook

1. Open your Windows Outlook application, and configure the same Gmail account you have set up in Outlook for Mac

2. Once the Gmail account is configured with Windows Outlook, then you will easily able to see your Mac Outlook emails in Outlook for Windows.

Smart Way to Transfer Emails from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook

As we see above the manual method contains so many steps and also there is a need for a Gmail account to complete the task. And the big disadvantage is that there is a high chance of loss of data integrity. Now, due to its complexity, there are many users wises to adopt an easy or direct way to complete this task. And Mac OLM to PST Converter tool becomes a lifesaver for those users who don’t want to waste their time on the manual method.

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This tool not only exports OLM file into PST but it also exports OLM files into nine different file format such as EML, MBOX, MSG CSV, ICS, VCF, HTML, and PDF. Along with emails, this software converts contact and calendar too.

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There are many Mac Outlook users now able to transfer emails from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook due to file compatibility issues. Therefore, here in this article, we have discussed the manual as well as an automated way to achieve this task. Now, it is up to you to choose the right technique to complete the task.