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Steps to Open MAC OLM File in Windows Outlook

Brandon Smith | Modified: 2022-05-20T12:56:06+00:00
open mac olm file in outlook windows

Outlook is a cross-platform email client that runs on both Windows and Mac machines. Outlook users can change their platform without changing their email client. But the problem arises when they need to transfer data from Win Outlook to Outlook Mac. As we all know, Mac Outlook saves data in OLM format while the data file type for Outlook is called PST. To resolve this tricky issue, this write-up will share how to open OLM file in Windows. Here we will learn to open OLM file not only in Windows Outlook but also in other Windows email clients.

Import OLM to Windows Outlook – User Queries

“I became kind of bored with Mac machine and therefore, planning to switch to Windows system. However, I will continue using Outlook even in Windows. But my real worry is about the Mac Outlook data. I want to transfer that data to my new Windows Outlook, but OLM is not compatible with Windows. Please tell me how can I view OLM files on Windows?”

“I came across some OLM files that I need to open and investigate. But I use a Windows run system and do not have Outlook installed either. It would be really helpful if I can open my Mac OLM files on Thunderbird. In order to do that, I have to convert MAC Outlook OLM file to Thunderbird MBOX. I have no clue how to do this. Can anyone help me by letting me know ways to open OLM file in Windows?”

How to Open Mac OLM File in Windows

OLM files cannot be opened in Windows manually. Therefore, users need to take the help of different third-party tools. Here, we will show you how to open OLM file in Windows by converting MAC Outlook OLM file into Windows email client file formats. Follow this guideline to perform this conversion by yourself:

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  • Launch the software.

  • Click on Add File or Add Folder button depending on your need. If you have a single OLM file to convert, click on Add File. If you have multiple OLM files to add, save them in a folder and then click on Add Folder button.

  • Select the OLM file or folder from its location and click on Open.
  • The software window will show the added file n the screen. Click on the Next button.

  • On the next page, you will be given several options for migration. Select the option depending on the supported file of your email client. For example, if you want to open it on Windows Outlook, select PST.

  • If you wish to convert only selective OLM data, you can input the date range here. You can also choose to maintain a folder hierarchy.

  • Select the directory path by clicking on the Change button.

  • Now, click on the Export button.

  • You will see the live progress status of the migration process.
  • Users will get a confirmation message when the data export is done.

  • If users want, they can click on View Report and view the complete report that has been saved already.

  • Users can go to the location and find the PST file.

  • They can later transfer the PST file to the Windows machine using a USB Pen drive.

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Now Import PST to MS Outlook for Windows

  • Open Windows Outlook on your Windows PC/ laptop.
  • Click on the File ribbon. Select Open & Export >> Import/ Export.
  • Import and Export Wizard will appear. Choose Import from another program or file >> Next
  • Click on Outlook Data File (.pst) >> Next.
  • Click on Browse to go to the location where you have that imported PST file stored. Select that PST file and you will see it got included in the wizard. Choose the option according to your choice and click Next.
  • Select the radio button beside Import items into the current folder option.
  • Click Finish and the PST file will get imported into Outlook. Now you can open these files on your Windows system.


In this write-up, we discussed how to open OLM file in Windows. Users can follow the guideline mentioned here and perform the conversion seamlessly. Though there are many similar applications available, this tool contains the most useful features. The best thing is that you can run this tool on your Mac machine. This tool allows users to export the OLM file into five Windows-supported file formats. If you want to convert your Mac Outlook OLM without any trouble, choose this software.