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How to Convert MBOX to HTML Quickly [Solved]

Published By Satyam Jha
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Published On December 14th, 2023
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Converting one file format to another is not as easy as simply renaming the file extensions. It is a task if not done properly may even corrupt the entire MBOX data. So what to do when a user wants to convert MBOX to HTML without missing a single attribute in the process? No need to worry! There are ways to do this flawlessly. In this article, we will provide you with elaborate steps to get through the file MBOX to HTML conversion.

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Want to Batch Convert MBOX Files to HTML At Once?

The first and foremost course of action is to understand your needs. If you only need to convert a single MBOX file, some online tools can help. However, online services also recommend downloading software if large MBOX files are in the mix or the number of files needed for conversion is high. After all, they are comparatively fast and can process a large number of files simultaneously. Once we are clear about the needs, it is time to choose software that can accomplish this task without any discrepancies.

Best Professional MBOX to HTML Converter Solution

Once the requirements are done, look for a tool that can fulfill those requirements. The necessities of any software are its performance, speed, reliability, and usability. The Mac MBOX Converter Tool fits this role perfectly as it can convert multiple MBOX to HTML format.

However, this MBOX to HTML converter also provides PST file options, after which you can easily view Mac MBOX file in Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016 2013. In case, you have MBOX of Thunderbird, then using this tool you can simply backup Thunderbird emails or just can save emails from Thunderbird to external hard drive.

It is great performance-wise as it supports the conversion of multiple MBOX files in batch. This also reduces the overall time required for the overall process to complete. The software is fast and easy to use with its intuitive interface. It also ensures that no attributes or formatting is lost during the entire conversion process, thus making it a reliable piece of software.

Guide to Save MBOX Files as HTML Web Pages:

First, download the mentioned converter and install it on your system. After proper installation, just follow the steps to convert MBOX to HTML format-

  • First of all, open the tool and click on Add Folder or Add Files to choose the MBOX files in bulkstart mac mbox to html converter
  • Once the MBOX files are added to the software, click Next to proceed to the next screen.uploaded mac mbox files
  • After that, choose the HTML file format from the list of export options given.choose html format
  • Click on Advanced Settings to apply naming convention and date filters for email messages, then click the Save button.mac mbox to html conversion
  • Afterwards, click on the Change button and set the folder where you wish to save the HTML files, then click OK.location to save html file
  • Finally, click the Export button to start converting MBOX files to HTML format.press export to start mac mbox to html conversion
  • Once done, click OK on the confirmation window on your machine.tap ok
  • Now, click on View Report to open the location where all the process reports are saved.view report
  • This report contains the source file path, destination path, status, number of emails, etc. Simply copy and open the destination location to view the converted HTML files.
    export report

Note: All the attachments are extracted and saved separately. You can choose to save them or delete them at your own wish for completion of MBOX file to HTML conversion.

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Native Manual Methods to Convert MBOX to HTML

There are some alternatives to this method. But both of them require a Thunderbird email client.

On Windows:

  1. Start Mozilla Thunderbird on a Windows machine for conversion
  2. Install ImportExportTools NG add on
  3. Import the MBOX file into the Thunderbird application
  4. Select the emails, right-click, choose ‘Save Selected Message‘, and click HTML format.
  5. That’s it.

On Mac:

It uses the same concept as the earlier one to convert MBOX to HTML.

  1. Start the Thunderbird application on your Mac machine.
  2. Install ImportExport add-on computer for Thunderbird
  3. Import .mbox file.
  4. Select messages, right-click, and save messages as HTML files.
  5. That’s it, you’re done with MBOX to HTML conversion here.


Not all file conversions are as straightforward as saving a Word document in PDF format. Even in this case, you require an external application such as MS Word or an online service to do this. But is this the way to go about email conversion? No, it isn’t. That’s why we defined an elaborate method to convert MBOX to HTML that requires a professional utility to complete this task flawlessly.


Q) How to work on the MBOX to HTML Converter?

A) Follow the steps to convert *.mbox to *.html format:

  • Launch the MBOX to HTML Tool
  • Add MBOX files to the software
  • Set up the required filter settings.
  • Choose a location to store the HTML file.
  • Press the Export button to start the conversion.

Q) Can we open MBOX files in Chrome browser?

A) Convert MBOX files to HTML format using the MacWareTools.

Q) How many files can be converted at once?

A) With the MBOX to HTML Converter, we can convert multiple files either by adding multiple files or an entire folder.

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