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Top 6 Microsoft Outlook Alternative for Mac OS Users (2023 Updated)

Published By Chirag Arora
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On December 5th, 2023
Reading Time 7 Minutes Reading
Outlook Alternative for Mac OS

Many Outlook users do not want to continue Mac Outlook when they move to a Mac machine. They often look for a fresh start in terms of OS and email clients alike. For them, it becomes a tough task to find out Outlook Alternative for Mac. For the benefit of the readers, this blog will share some of the best email applications that work perfectly as Outlook alternatives.

Top Microsoft Outlook Mac Alternative 

Though users get to choose from an ample number of email clients, we have compiled the top 6 Mac OS email clients in this blog.

  1. Mac Mail: The first and foremost email client for all Mac users is Mac Mail or Apple Mail. This application is a default or in-built in Mac already. Most of the Mac users like to prefer this email client for communication. In short, it is a basic email client with a range of services and support. You can simply connect IMAP and POP3 accounts with S/MIME support to operate it. So, you all should go for it first because it is a free email client without any loophole. We are sure you may like to go for this application for which you will need to convert PST file to Apple Mail to access the old data.
  2. Mozilla Thunderbird: Like Windows, Thunderbird is available for Mac users also. It is one of the most used Outlook alternatives. The open-source application offers all the basic functions. Users can send encrypted emails with this and RSS feed management is also possible. Thunderbird has an overview menu that allows users to access its important functions in the same place. So, to access the data of the Outlook file you will need to import PST to Thunderbird on a Mac machine. A large number of add-ons are available for this email including the add-ons that offer Task and Calendar management facility. However, during each version update of this application, one has to wait for the update in the add-ons too.
  3. Seamonkey: If users are looking for an all-round solution for Outlook alternative for Mac, Seamonkey is the perfect choice for them. SeaMonkey is a combination of different Mozilla projects. This complete solution includes a web browser, an email client, a chat client, and an HTML editor. Users can easily perform email organization with their commands. While doing so, they can make use of both flexible sorting features and visual highlighting. This email client also has SMIME email encryption for maximum security. It also has SSL/TLS encryption, but users have to manually activate it for the first time. The Read Receipt feature allows users to know when the recipient has read the email. Also, they can add a digital signature to each email. Multiple email accounts can be managed from the same mailbox. Its customizable spam filter will keep your Inbox spam-free.
  4. eM Client: This email client is available for both personal and enterprise-level usage. This is available in free and paid accounts that users can choose depending on their needs. The free account is available for personal use while one person can have two free accounts only. Commercial users need to purchase the Pro license for multiple accounts. Besides having integrated features like contacts and calendars, it also allows its users to chat on built-in instant messenger. It also has a translation feature and a super-fast search function. User data also remains secure, thanks to its SMIME encryption and SSL/TLS standards. This email client also supports Gmail, Exchange Server, iCloud, and Outlook and is considered as best Outlook alternative for Mac.
  5. Spike: This is a combination of classic email program features and contemporary modern apps. This is also a free application for non-commercial users. To ensure collaboration among employees and partners, it offers a group chat option. Besides, Spike automatically organizes emails in specific folders that users can view anytime. It is also possible to connect the account with various cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive. One-click encryption facility will allow users to encrypt both emails and attachments to protect against any unauthorized access. Even if the recipients do not have this email application, they can decrypt the received email in a single click.
  6. Inky: INKY is a contextual email security tool that assists users in making intelligent decisions while protecting against attackers and preventing data breaches. It acts as a security coach, alerting users to suspicious behavior and directing them to take proper action on any device or email client. For Outlook Mac alternative this emails have more advance features as compare to Outlook.  It is an email software comparable to Outlook that relieves IT professionals of the burden of administering several systems and manually filtering every email. It also has option to “Inky Phish Fence” to detect and block phishing attack done by hackers. Moreover, it also provides the attack pattern dashboard to record the track of scammers.  

Technical Method for Outlook Alternative for Mac

All the suggested email clients above support the MBOX file format. So, if you choose any of the email clients and want to import the old Outlook data into them, you should use Mac PST to MBOX Converter. This application is professional software that easily converts PST to MBOX on Mac OS. 

Not only this but it even provides multiple file format options if in case you need them, like PDF file, HTML format, EML format, TXT format, VCF, ICS, MSG, or more. So, using this advanced tool you can simply read Outlook PST files on Mac machine of any version.

More of it, this program has multiple other features for all versions of the Mac operating system. We highly recommend this software to go for it and use the old Outlook data on your Mac-based applications.

Step-by-Step Guide for Using Tool on Mac

So, if you are wondering about Outlook alternative for Mac, then download this tool. After this, go through the following steps to execute the process on a Mac machine-

1. First of all, run the suggested Mac tool and add the PST file using the Add Folder or Add File options.

Using Add Folder or Add File options

2. After adding the files, select the MBOX file option that you will need to import later on the desired client.

select MBOX file option

3. In this step, just choose Advances Settings and click on the Save button below .

choose Advances Settings

4. After this, to save the exported file at any location on a Mac computer, hit Change. Finally, just tap on the Export button to get it.

Click on Export button

5. After completion of the process, open the Mac email clients where you want to import the MBOX file. Follow its native features for MBOX import and move the Outlook data in it.

Observational Verdict

When Windows Outlook users move to Mac, they often search for Outlook alternative for Mac. However, all Mac users get Apple Mail as the default email application. But still, many of them may like to use other email clients. Therefore, here, we have suggested the top 6 Outlook Mac alternatives for Mac. Choose the email application based on your necessity to get uninterrupted email communication. For moving from Windows to Mac machine we have also shared a software that allows you to perform the file conversion. So that, you can easily operate the required email client on your Mac machine without data loss.