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How to Bulk Print EML Files on Mac Based Computer Instantly?

Published By Chirag Arora
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On May 15th, 2024
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Summary: If you’re wondering how to print EML files on Mac in bulk then this is the right solution for your query. In this article, you will get to know the best method to execute this printing process on a Mac machine. So, to know more about it just stick to this article and get your answer.

Though if we talk about the EML file then we all know that it is a single file consisting of an email of a particular supported email client. Therefore, sometimes users like you prefer to print them in bulk. Printing the files can be required at any time, either to present as evidence or something.

User Query: I had almost 200 .eml files on my Mac computer that I got from my co-worker. Now, my manager is asking for those files in a hard copy. So, I need to print eml files. But, due to the scarcity of time, I can’t save a single EML file as PDF and then print them. I don’t want that long procedure. Moreover, I don’t want any EML file data loss as there are confidential. Is there any other professional software that could help to print EML files on Mac in bulk? If yes, then do suggest one for a Mac computer, it would be a great help.

Why Do Users Prefer to Batch Print EML File?

However, the need for printing files keeps fluctuating from user to user for both Windows and Mac-based users. In the time of modern technologies, where every information we like to preserves in some other email client or some files. But, in today’s time, not just there are varieties of applications to secure documents, but hackers are also modern.

So, it is best to print files to prevent any kind of threat or uncertainty. Because of its security factors, it is best to save information. Moreover, printing attachments of EML files or how to print EML files on Mac can be the query of many users like you.
Hence, by printing, multiple files become necessary when it comes to saving legal dispute files, scientific proofs, reports, etc.

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Manually Print EML Files on Mac Using Microsoft Word

In this manual method, you can take the help of MS Word or Thunderbird for printing your required EML file on your Mac machine, following-

  1. Firstly, navigate to the location where you have stored your important EML file on the Mac system, and right-click on one of them.
  2. After this, choose the Open With option, and select MS Word or Thunderbird application from the extended menu.
  3. Doing so, the selected application will open on the system. Now, preview the file and click the File icon and select the Save As option if you want to keep it as PDF. Or just select the Print option of print EML file.
  4. If you select the Print option to print EML files on Mac, then apply settings accordingly and preview it before starting the process.
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Major Drawbacks of Using MS Word to Print EML File

Though it has multiple drawbacks here we are sharing a few of them-

  1. One of the biggest drawbacks of this manual method is it only lets you print a single EML file. So, unfortunately, you can’t perform the bulk print EML files process in one go.
  2. Moreover, this method won’t work if you have not installed MS Word, Thunderbird on your Mac system. Or if the subscription of Microsoft Word is expired.
  3. Likewise, it might not keep the data intact or the structure of the particular EML file, along with its attachments. And many users still left with how to print EML file query.

Therefore, we advise you to go for a reliable method that can perform the printing process in bulk.

Safe Automated Way to Print EML Files on Mac OS in Bulk

For a bulk printing procedure, you can take the help of the EML file Converter software for Mac. This program will help you to execute the batch print EML file process without affecting your EML data. Moreover, you can simply convert EML files to PDF or other file formats supported by other email clients, like MBOX, PST, etc.

The best thing about this professional software is you can just operate it and read EML files on any version of the Mac machine. Because it is fully compatible with all the latest and earlier version of the Mac operating machine. But in case, if you want to import EML file to Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, or any other email client, then it is suitable for that task too.

Here, you don’t just get different file formats to secure your EML files but there are other features also. Such as naming convention, delete after download, etc. Using the given features you can easily check or uncheck according to your requirements for the EML file.

NOTE- To print EML files on Mac you do not need to convert EML files into PDF file format. Here you can directly select the advanced features of this software to print EML file. From the radio button option tab on Print and within a few steps you will get your printed EML files. Additionally, you can select its advanced features as well according to your preference. You can select naming convention, page layout,  bates number, and attachments options.

Guide to Print EML Files on Mac in Bulk with Attachments

For moving further with the printing task, you will need to download the software first on your Mac OS. After that, follow the steps to initiate the process-

  • To add batch EML files in one go, you can tap either on Add file or Add Folder from initial screen.
  • Now, after adding required EML files, just choose the Print option as a secure one.
  • In this step, choose any other required settings by clicking on Advance Settings option.
  • Here, apply filters including attachments to the selected file to move further for printing.
  • Eventually, hit the Export button to print multiple EML file with attachments process.


Printing can be needed many times, therefore, users like to prefer to print important documents. So, in this article, we have discussed how you can print EML files on Mac operating machine. Moreover, the solution that we have provides is the best as it was pre-tested by the professionals. In case, if you also need to print attachments of the required EML files, then it is suitable for that one too. So, try it before you can go for its free demo version.

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