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Is Something Wrong with the Mac Outlook 2019, 2016, 2011 Database?

Published By Chirag Arora
Approved By Anuraag Singh
Published On August 25th, 2022
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Summary: If you are wondering about the Mac Outlook issue on your Mac machine. Or did you just find out that something’s wrong with the outlook database Mac? If this is the case, then no need to worry more about it. Here, we will describe all the causes of this error. Along with the cause, we will provide you with all possible solutions that will surely be going to help in resolving this error.

Most of the time when you start the Microsoft Outlook for Mac application, you may get an error. This can be something wrong with the Outlook database. In these cases, you can simply repair the mailbox. But this error generally pops up at the time of restart of Mac Outlook. So, there are plenty of options to troubleshoot this issue.

User Query: Hi, I took a backup of my Mac Outlook on my Mac computer. Then, I switched to the new Mac system, so from the backup file. I got the all required data. After getting the data, whenever I am trying to open an Outlook application it throws out the error message on the screen every time. I don’t know what has happened to my Outlook, but if anyone knows or has any idea about it. Then, do let me know or suggest me a good reference


This error can be appearing because of the OLM file on the Mac machine. So, let’s know the reasons that affect it.

Reasons That Affect Mac Outlook Database

When the “something is wrong with the Outlook database Mac” message appears on the screen, then there can be multiple reasons like-

  1. It can be happening because your Mac outlook either stops responding or just responds very slowly.
  2. Moreover, if Outlook for Mac keeps freezing or getting crashed somehow.
  3. If the access to Mac Outlook is denied or the subscription is expired then this error arises.
  4. In case, you cannot get the data file on the Mac system, then this can be the reason behind it.
  5. Likewise, sometimes Microsoft database utility keeps crashing which eventually throws this error on the screen.
  6. Whenever Mac Outlook keeps restarting on its own after every sometimes then this can affect the Outlook database.
  7. These types of reasons affect the database and as a result Outlook for Mac not showing new emails.

What are the Causes of the Outlook File Corruption on Mac OS?

Sometimes, this error occurs because of corruption, and there are multiple reasons that lead to corruption-

  1. If there is a sudden network failure or system crash then it can be the reason.
  2. Virus attacks or any malware attacks on the Mac system.
  3. Crashing issues due to power failure in Mac Outlook.
  4. Severe interruption at the time of installing Mac Outlook on new Mac system, or more.

Something is Wrong with the Outlook Database Mac? Manual Solutions

To get rid of such errors you can use the below-mentioned tactics on any version of the Mac machine-

  1. Check the Internet Connection– The first and foremost thing you can do is by checking your internet connection. If this error occurs in Mac Outlook then reconnecting with the internet connection should resolve the error. So, just check if Outlook is working properly or not after reconnection. Because of the lost internet connection, you may face Outlook for Mac not opening issue.
  2. Remove Emails from Mac Outlook Folders- Another tactic you can apply here, by removing or deleting emails from the mailbox. Here, you can either delete the entire Mac Outlook outbox mail or choose send/receive option. Or just delete selective emails from the particular folder of Mac Outlook. If by doing so, the error is resolved then it is good for you otherwise try the next one.
  3. Use the Microsoft Outlook Database Utility – There is a utility that Microsoft provides as an in-built database utility. Using it you can simply fix the minor errors of Mac Outlook on your system. To use it just follow the given steps-
    Navigate to the location – /Application/Microsoft Office/Office
    From here, launch the Microsoft database utility on your respective Mac system
    After installation, it will start scanning and remove all the errors that come in between.
    If even it does not help then you can move to another method that is applicable for all Mac machines as well.
  4. Run Mac Outlook in Safe Mode– Yes, if this error appears on the screen and you don’t know what has happened. Then, just try to open the Outlook for Mac in safe mode on the respective Mac machine.
  5. Update Mac Outlook on System– This error arises mostly when you are using the old version of Outlook for Mac. Therefore, we recommend you to update the Mac Outlook and Mac operating machine as well as soon as possible. As updating is quite useful to prevent such types of errors. For updating, just go to the Microsoft Application >> Help >> Check for Updates. Here, you will get the Update feature, if the new update is available then update it accordingly.

Professional Solution to Resolve Mac Outlook Corruption Issue

If none of the manual solutions works in order to fix this error. Then it means there is a severe issue or maybe the Mac Outlook database or file is corrupted. So, if you’re still wondering about the easiest and safest solution to restore Mac Outlook database. Then using the Outlook for Mac Rebuild Application will help you out if something is wrong with the Outlook database Mac.

This is an advanced utility with various in-built features to resolve multiple errors related to Mac Outlook. So, using this tool you will be able to recover corrupted OLM file without any hindrance and with full safety. It is even more suitable when Mac Outlook cannot be opened because of some problem on any version of the Mac system.

Whatever the case of errors that affect the emails, it will recover all deleted emails from Outlook Mac. This application it designed in manner that allows you to operate it on any version of Mac machine.

Instant Guide to Something is Wrong with the Outlook Database Mac

In this case, you should first download the software on your machine. After that, just follow the below steps on any version of the Mac machine-

  • To initiate this process,  check either Auto Locate or Browse options as per the Outlook 2019, 2016, 2011 Profile or Identity

something is wrong with the outlook database mac

  • After some time, it will start locating the Mac Outlook file and start scanning, tap Next button

something is wrong with the outlook database mac

  • Secondly, choose the PST format from the Export Type and hit the Advance Settings option if required

pst file option

  • Afterwards, you can even apply additional settings, such as CategoriesSplit option, more and tap Save button

pst file options

  • For saving the file at any destination path on Mac machine just mouse-click the Change button and hit on Export option to initiate.

something is wrong with the outlook database mac

After getting the healthy file of Mac Outlook with no corruption issues, you can simply import this file again on Mac Outlook.

Time to Wrap Up

Almost everyone or every company is started using the Mac Outlook application for communication because of its more secure feature. However, sometimes its .olm file starts throwing errors that most of you may not be able to understand. All you know is something’s wrong with the Outlook database Mac. So, in this article, we have shared the best methods that are capable to fix this issue. For severe cases, we have also suggested an automated or professional solution for all Mac users. Thus, use any of the given methods as per the situation and get rid of the error.

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