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How to Export Emails from Mac Mail to Hard Drive – Secrets Revealed

Jaspreet Singh | Modified: 2021-02-02T14:15:58+00:00

Summary- If you are searching for an appropriate solution on how to export emails from Mac Mail to Hard Drive, then no need to move your cruiser anywhere. Because here in this blog we are going to discuss all the necessary information regarding backing up your Apple Mail emails data to an external hard drive.

Basically, in today’s world data is everything, and archiving the data is the best procedure to protect your data from any worst-case situation. Also, backing up the crucial date is the only solution to save your data safely. Because when the time arrives, one may have to go through the consequences of not storing the emails then you can easily recover all your data.

Let undertaste why users want to export emails from Mac Mail to hard drive by this below user query

Hi! I have a number of emails store in my Apple Mail and due to some reasons I want to reset my Mac machine. Hence I am looking for a way to transfer all my Apple Mail emails to the external hard drive. Now, if anyone knows any effective procedure to do this task then, please tell me how to save Export emails from Mac Mail to Hard Drive in some portable file format.

Why Do Users Need to Export Apple Mail Emails to Hard Drive?

Other than archiving there are some other reasons that force users to export Mac Mail data to the hard drive such as:

  • Archive the emails is much easier and cheaper rather than recovering the email data after it has been permanently deleted from the email account.
  • All email applications provide a limited amount of storage space which will get filled soon. So, moving all unnecessary data is a good option to free up the storage space.
  • You can easily move your email data to the supported email client. Or you can easily share all your date if in PDF format.
  • Archiving your email data into an external hard drive helps you in the situation when your email client-server not working.

How to Export emails from Mac Mail to Hard Drive Manually

If you are seeking for a free method to archive Apple Mail email to the hard drive, then here in this section, we are going to discuss that. Therefore to transfer the mailbox from the Apple Mail account to the hard drive, follow the steps given below:

1. First, open the Mac Mail account

2. Now, select the mailbox from the sidebar

3. Choose Mailbox  after that click on the Export Mailbox

4. Now choose the destination for the .mbox file

5. After that click on the Choose to the destination location.

Limitations of the Manual Method

The manual method to export emails from Mac Mail to hard drive comes with some flows such as:

  • There only one file format available to export email data to the hard drive and that is MBOX. Hence, you will be restricted.
  • The method tasks time depending on your mailbox date. It means if you have a large mailbox file then it will become so time-consuming.
  • In the manual method, there is no guarantee of data loss. It means there is a chance that you will encounter data loss after the completion of the method.

Alternative Solution to Export Mac Mail Emails to External Hard Drive

The above described manual solution is a nice approach but it also has some limitations such hence, most professionals not recommend this to users. Hence, in this situation, users can try the Mac MBOX Converter tool. This tool gives you the flexibility to export Apple Mail into six different file formats such as PST, PDF, EML, MSG, EMLX, and HTML.

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It is one of the perfect and guaranteed solution that allows you to export Apple Mail to the external hard drive. This utility is capable yo maintain the folder hierarchy and capable to maintain data integrity. This tool can retain email properties even after conversion. Also, it can move multiple Mac MBOX files at a time from its server.

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Other Advance Feature of the Tool

  • The tool support all versions of the Mac operating system.
  • It offers a naming convention option while exporting emails to local drives.
  • It provides various filter options such as Date Filter, Data Split option, categories option.
  • This software support all MBOX files such as (.mbs) flies, (. mbx )files and gives you an accurate result.


There are many Apple Mail users seeking a solution on how to export emails from Mac Mail to Hard Drive. Because the manual method does not guarantee the complete migration of email data to the local drive. Hence, to make this task easy here in this article we have discussed the best alternative third party solution to export Apple Mail to Hard Drive.